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The Whole Enchilada

When you get to a place where there are many things you want to do, it is very difficult to choose. That's why we created this tour, where you can do Scuba Diving and Snorkeling or Safari.
So how is the tour step by step?
First we start with a local dive, for beginners we will give you a half an hour explanation of the basics of diving in shallow water and with an instructor for one time, this is not a certification. Certified divers can also dive in this area, only that they can go to deeper areas, each group will have its own instructor, that is to say, certified divers can dive with one instructor and beginners with another, although if they wish they can also dive together in shallow water. Also if there is someone in the group that only wants to snorkel, they can also do it in this same area and just like the others they will also have a person that will be taking care of them. 
After this you will have the option to choose to continue your tour with Snorkeling in Santa Maria Bay, or with the Safari tour where we will go to the open sea to look for marine life to jump into the water with them or whale watching, these last two are only seasonal.

What is included?
-Private Panga
-Scuba Instructor/Guide
-Soft Drinks
-Scuba and Snorkel Gear

What do I need to bring?
-Sun block
-Comfortable clothes
-Bathing suit
- And most importantly an excellent attitude!

$28,500 pesos 5 people max.
Scuba Diving Beginner Diver 2 Cabo-San-Lucas-Private-Tour.jpeg
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