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September - November


The Marlin Migration is an incredible event that occurs every year in the months of October, November and December, these incredible fish arrive at our shores providing an unbeatable spectacle. This is a tour that you definitely cannot miss, you will be in the open sea observing these and other animals working together to feed themselves, sometimes we can see sea lions, sharks and tuna join in the feeders of large schools of fish sometimes  even whales. It is not necessary to have any certification and experience for this tour since you will be with them underwater with snorkeling equipment and of course a certified guide with you at all times. Our captains are local captains with a lifetime of experience who have chosen to exchange their fishing nets for snorkeling equipment in a way to earn money in a sustainable way.

How is the tour step by step?

1.-Departure from La Paz Pick up around 6 depending on your Hotel or Villa location.

2.-Around 3 hours driving to get to the place, we  stop for lunch and beverages.

3.-Briefing, prepare snorkel gear and get in to the boat to find this amazing animals, we can stay 3 to 5 hours on the boat  and see them as much as you want.

4.-Have a nice lunch and get ready to come back to your hotel.

This tour is great for all the animal lovers.

Our tour Includes:

-5 hours tour

-Professional tour guide.

-Local captain.




$22,500 pesos 5 people max.
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